Italian big trend brand Alcott landing in India

Italian big manner manufacturer ‘Alcott’ intention to acquire the gathering of products from India and in India in 2010 to open a Breitling Watches design and R & D center. Last year retail management agencies with DLF DLF signed a franchise agreement in India in the brand.

This year, the company plans to launch in India in September of its children’s clothing, to expand retail business. Alcott President Mr.Salvatore Colella said the company man, in global markets, India is an ideal get options.
Alcott has access to three exclusive retail shops, the company plans to open up next year in India, more than 20 stores nationwide. This year will be to open eight stores in India.
The company’s men and women leisure market with a good foundation, and now the company is expanding children’s clothing. Each year, the company shall have to collect 300 Ms. clothing, and about 290 men’s clothing section.

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